Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Week That Was

Today is my big brother and my big sister's birthday. Happy Birthday David and Kathy! Time does fly these days. Seems like we were just kids yesterday, going on hayrides and having the annual "weenie roast". Do they still have those? Hard to believe you guys are 57 and 62. WOW!! Hope you guys have a terrific day and that all your wishes come true.

Time for a quick Stacey update. Last week was definitely a "roller coaster". For her high point of the week, her one faithful 19 yr old male student, was given a job at the local bakery (which certainly helped his income) but his good fortune didn't stop there. The owner of the bakery and another local businessman have joined together to send this young man to college!! What a blessing! The bakery owner has watched Stacey work with this young man and can see that this young man wants to help his community and has stepped forward to help. God sent Stacey there for a reason. To plant the seed and spark motivation in the community. I'm thankful that she is there to witness the progress but looks like the lasting effect of her being there will transcend after she is gone in 2 years.

The last half of the week occurred when her credit card was compromised! Crooks are just wayyy too smart these days. Luckily the bank called and I was able to get them to stop the bleeding until I could get hold of her (which was no easy task). After several emails to her as well as various merchants in the area, pokes on Facebook (to name a few) and contemplating calling Washington DC but didn't, she did get online and get my message and got the card cancelled. Guess it was more stressful on me trying to get hold of her than on her. NOW I have her leader's phone number in Santiago. Hope I never have to call but it's nice having an extra lifeline.

Now it's back to work and off to the dentist this morning. Chao!

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was sorry to hear of Stacey's problems, but it sounds like she is "making a difference" in the community. She has sounded very ambivalent in her emails, so I hope this gives her the lift needed to move forward.
    Good luck at the dentist!