Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Week That Was

Today is my big brother and my big sister's birthday. Happy Birthday David and Kathy! Time does fly these days. Seems like we were just kids yesterday, going on hayrides and having the annual "weenie roast". Do they still have those? Hard to believe you guys are 57 and 62. WOW!! Hope you guys have a terrific day and that all your wishes come true.

Time for a quick Stacey update. Last week was definitely a "roller coaster". For her high point of the week, her one faithful 19 yr old male student, was given a job at the local bakery (which certainly helped his income) but his good fortune didn't stop there. The owner of the bakery and another local businessman have joined together to send this young man to college!! What a blessing! The bakery owner has watched Stacey work with this young man and can see that this young man wants to help his community and has stepped forward to help. God sent Stacey there for a reason. To plant the seed and spark motivation in the community. I'm thankful that she is there to witness the progress but looks like the lasting effect of her being there will transcend after she is gone in 2 years.

The last half of the week occurred when her credit card was compromised! Crooks are just wayyy too smart these days. Luckily the bank called and I was able to get them to stop the bleeding until I could get hold of her (which was no easy task). After several emails to her as well as various merchants in the area, pokes on Facebook (to name a few) and contemplating calling Washington DC but didn't, she did get online and get my message and got the card cancelled. Guess it was more stressful on me trying to get hold of her than on her. NOW I have her leader's phone number in Santiago. Hope I never have to call but it's nice having an extra lifeline.

Now it's back to work and off to the dentist this morning. Chao!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Stacey encountered her first acid secreting bug which bite her on her chest last night while she was sleeping. She realized it when she got up to go on her walk and reached up to scratch her chest and felt a stinging oozing spot on her chest. She put some antibiotic on it and said that she feels okay but that it looks awful. I can well imagine. I told her to watch it and if it gets any worse looking to get hold of the peace corps staff. Otherwise she sounded good and taking it all in stride. What a trooper!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


We finally got some rain yesterday. Probably a good 1/2 inch and when I walked Sushi this morning it had started sprinkling a little. Maybe some more! We have beautiful grass but our water bill was $140. this month! Almost as much as our electric bill. Thank you Lord for the rain!!

I survived my marketing trip across Texas last week. What a whirlwind trip! 1406 miles in 3 1/2 days, 10 agency visits and dinner with RC on Wednesday and arrived home at 10:15 pm Wed. night and was up at 5:00 am Thursday to go to the office. I wish I could have stopped at David's for a short visit (I stopped at the Whataburger across from the HEB in Burnet to use the facilities) and hated that I was so close to David's and not have time to stop. I apologize Big Brother! The countryside across Texas was parched. Everywhere I drove there were burn bans in effect. The highest temp to register on my car was 111 which was south of Ft. Worth going towards Waco. It was over 100 everyday.

Please say prayers for Stacey. Living with this new host family is not easy. No privacy at all and she is having a good bout of homesickness. Maybe drop a card to her. It's hard not to be able to call her but send her emails or mail will help her cope.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, it finally happened. We have our first confirmed case of swine flu in our office. Not just in our building but yes, folks - in my office. And there are two others that are suspected of having it. We now walk through the office smelling Lysol disenfectant everywhere and hand sanitizer in every place imaginable. Building management was notified and they sent in a cleaning crew Wednesday night to wipe down desks, doorknobs, etc. Luckily I will be gone on a business trip starting Monday and won't be back until Thursday the 16th. Hope we don't have more cases. I am scheduled to bowl in the IIAH (Independent Insurance Agents of Houston) bowling tournament on Saturday for charity. I will be leaving Sunday afternoon to get a head start on my trip. My first meeting is in Texarkana so I will probably drive to Nacogdoches Sunday which I believe is about 1/2 way. Say a prayer that I have a safe trip. I will be logging right at 1500 miles in 3 days. I will have my computer in case anyone needs to get hold of me as well as having my cell phone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Another hot day in Texas! But what else can you expect for the 4th of July? Cookouts, parades and more. Hope everyone enjoys the day!

Spoke with Stacey yesterday and she has arrived at her site in Santa Catalina. I have updated my blog with her new address to mail packages or send letters and cards. If you send something, you might send her an email as to when it was mailed so we can figure out how long it takes to get to her. She sounded tired after her long bus ride but filled with all the projects to begin, people to meet and starting anew. My advice is not to dwell on everything at once as it will seem overwhelming but from reading your friends blogs, everyone feels the same way that you do right at this moment. Take heart and know that you will adapt to this new change and I'm confident that you will do good things for the Panamanian people beginning in small ways and working up to bigger projects. I found the book you asked about and will get it in the mail this week.

Love you bunches!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, Stacey should be at her site starting today for her first visit. Santa Catalina. The name even sounds relaxing to me. Of course, today I'm working from home and tomorrow have taken the day off. I have 3.5 days to take before the end of the month otherwise I would lose them and I can't see that happening. Have scheduled a doctor's appt tomorrow but otherwise I just plan on an easy going day. Sushi had me up early this morning for his daily constitutional. Can't say that I was in a big hurry to get up. Anyway, hope everyone's week is great and hopefully we will see some pictures from Stacey next week. Hard to believe that her training period is almost over and graduation is just around the corner (6/30).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Spoke to Stacey Sunday evening and she sounded good. Even after her ordeal with the chicken "murders". She didn't eat chicken for four days. Poor thing! She will be going to visit Santa Catalina in another week and will meet the 3 different host families where she will be spending the next 3 months after graduation (which is June 30th). Easy day for Kaye to remember. She got to spend a night in a hotel in Santiago last week - stayed with 3 other girls in a room and cost only $7. per person and it was AIR CONDITIONED! The hotel also did their laundry. She is learning to appreciate some of the more modern luxuries of life. One item that she has really started to miss is listening to American music. She will let us know what kind of CD's she likes so maybe we can mail her some when she is at her site. Also, she wanted to let us know that she will be getting an address in Santa Catalina soon and will send us her new address. I mailed her a package in April and it only took 2 weeks to get to her. I was surprised but pleased. I mailed her another one a week ago and waiting to see when it arrives. I would love for some of us to plan a short vacation next summer to go and visit her. She found out that she doesn't have to use vacation days as long as she stays in her site so she would only have to take a day to come to Panama City to meet us. Something to ponder over the next year.